About us


At Surya Craft, our mission is to celebrate the rich tapestry of human creativity through the art of handcrafted treasures. For over three decades, we've passionately preserved and shared the artistry of skilled artisans, connecting their work with appreciative individuals worldwide. Our mission is to continue this tradition, ensuring that the beauty of handcrafted items endures through generations.


Surya Craft began as a humble endeavor by a passionate group of artisans, united by a love for tradition and the desire to promote their craft. Over the years, we've nurtured countless stories – stories of artisans finding their voice, of communities thriving through their craft, and of customers finding profound joy in our creations. These stories inspire us and remind us of the enduring power of craftsmanship to transform lives.


We take pride in our hands-on approach to sourcing and curating an eclectic collection of handcrafted items from around the world. Our experienced team travels far and wide, forging personal connections with artisans and communities. We believe in fair trade practices, ensuring that our artisans receive the recognition and compensation they deserve. This approach fosters mutual respect, sustainability, and the creation of exceptional handcrafted treasures.


At the heart of our philosophy lies a deep respect for tradition, authenticity, and the beauty of imperfections. We believe that every handcrafted item carries the spirit of the artisan, making it unique and timeless. Our commitment to sustainability extends to our use of natural materials, recycling, and environmentally responsible packaging. We advocate for the appreciation of culture, art, and the preservation of craftsmanship as a vital part of human heritage.

Indian handicrafts are not just creations; they are the embodiment of a thousand stories, the echoes of ancient traditions, and the colors of a diverse culture. In each piece, you hold a piece of India's soul.