Local Markets for Handicrafts in Jaipur

rajasthani handicrafts and jaipur local makets foor shopping

Chandpole Bazar

In the center of Jaipur, Chandpole Bazar is a shining example of Rajasthan's vibrant culture. This bazaar, well-known for its elaborate handicrafts, captures the spirit of Rajasthan's rich history. This is where, among the busy lanes, one may find a variety of classic wooden, marble, and stone objects. 'Khazane Walon ka rasta' allure is found in its selection of luxurious carpets, colorful turbans, and custom-made shoes that combine contemporary design with ageless elegance.
In addition, Chandpole Bazar is home to an amazing array of colorful paintings, each of which bears witness to the artistic heritage of the area. Don’t pass up the chance to own the renowned 'Thani Bani' from Kishangarh, an invaluable item for any enthusiast of Rajasthani craftsmanship.
 handicraft market in jaipur market in jaipur


KishanPole Bazar

 Go no further than Kishanpole Bazar, a mesmerizing market in Jaipur, for a delightful shopping experience amid the finest textiles and amazing wooden sculptures. With a wide selection of block prints, bandhej, bandhini, and other finely created prints, it's a haven for die-hard shoppers. Enjoy the charms of sculptures, wooden furniture, and lovely decor items as well.
Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., are the working hours; Sundays are closed. Its convenient location for visitors is that it is parallel to Chaura Rasta and only 2 km from the Sindhi Camp bus station.
However, it's advisable to avoid Sundays to ensure you don't miss out on exploring all the vibrant shops this handicraft market has to offer.

handicraft market in jaipur

Bapu Bazar

This is a one-stop, well-known Jaipur market where you can find a wide variety of traditional and signature goods. Authentic clothing and textiles, as well as handcrafted leather goods and vibrant juttis, are all available at affordable prices in Bapu Bazar. This market is bursting at the seams with traditional Mojaris, vibrant sarees and lehengas, and sandstone artifacts.
When to go: 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday through Sunday.
The market can be explored concurrently and is situated between Johri and Nehru Bazars
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Nehru Bazar

With its abundance of vibrant and seductive fabrics and clothing, this is Jaipur's liveliest market for shopping. This market is the first choice for both domestic and foreign visitors because of its wide range of traditional Mojari footwear from Rajasthan. These vibrant Mojaris are a market specialty and an essential purchase. You can also get colorful dresses and bandhani dupattas to go with Mojaris.
When to go: 10:30 am to 8 pm, Monday through Sunday.
Location: You can take any local from Hawa Mahal to Chaura Rasta to visit this market, which is transportation close to Chaura Rasta.
It is advised to attend this market late at night if you want to use your exceptional negotiating talents to score some fantastic deals. 
market in jaipur famouse for bangles

Tripolia Bazar

This market, which is situated between Manak Chowk and Chhoti Chaupar, is a popular place to find a wide selection of bangles and enamel jewelry accessories. The greatest local market in Jaipur for window shopping and discovering Rajasthani-made lac jewelry is Maniyaro ka Rasta. In addition to colorful carpets, you can purchase tie-dye fabrics adorned with embroidered designs here.
When to go: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Sunday is off.
Location: You may take an auto from the Hawa Mahal to this market, which is close to the City Palace's main entrance.
johri bazar market in jaipur famouse for jewellery

Johari Bazar

Johri Bazaar is well-known for its attractive variety of unique jewelry and stylish clothing, perfectly expressing the essence of a jeweler's bazaar. You will find the most exquisite selection of jewels, precious stones, and delicate jewelry here. The main draws of Johri Bazaar, a well-known Jaipur retail area, include handcrafted Jaipuri Kundan jewelry, beautifully designed lehengas and sarees that showcase Rajasthani culture, traditional juttis, and blankets. Gems and rubbish jewelry can be found on the well-known street haldiyon ka rasta.
Visitation hours are 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday through Sunday.
Location: Situated within an ancient walled city region close to Hawa Mahal, this location is easily reached via a variety of transit options.
rajasthani puppet market in jaipur

Sireh Deori Bazaar

 This market is a popular spot for tourists to go street shopping in Jaipur because of its prominent location of Hawa Mahal. This location is well-known for its blankets, traditional wall hangings, vibrant puppets, camel leather shoes, and Jaipuri quilts. You may come here with the same excitement on any day of the week.

When to go: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Sunday.

Location: Hawa Mahal is not far from this market.